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Dear Jasper County Primary School Family,  

     As principal of Jasper County Primary School, I want to welcome each and every one of you to the 2023-2024 school year. It is our mission to build a strong foundation in all subject matter here at JCPS including our fine arts! ALL of our students and faculty have something wonderful to contribute to their learning and OUR school! This year at JCPS, our teachers and staff will continue to think outside their traditional boxes! We will continue to make learning innovative, engaging, and most of all fun! An innovative "out of the box" idea includes STEAM. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. At JCPS, we teach the design process. Students will continue to think in different ways that help them become better problem solvers. Students will brainstorm ideas, test ideas and then redesign their ideas after trial and error. There are other exciting things occurring at JCPS this year. With our Charter status, JCSS will focus on attendance, literacy, and mathematics. Also, with our Charter status, JCPS has a school governance team. This team is the "voice" of JCPS to help make educational decisions that will best suit our students and staff. This team is composed of parents and community members. We will continue to have a strong fine arts department including music and art full time as well as our other specials including PE and STEAM lab. Our students also have access to an amazing counselor and media specialist! 

     Our staff is dedicated to the entire child. It is our pledge to meet the needs of our students first and foremost by building relationships with our students and parents. Students will then be given the tools to help them gain knowledge with all subject matter. We know parents play a very important part in this partnership. We look forward to working with our parents and showing our students that we are a cohesive team. Parents can do many things to support the school including: reading with your child, practicing sight words and basic math facts nightly, checking their weekly folder (comes home on Mondays), signing their agenda nightly, and attending special events and parent conferences. Please know we are in this together! 

     As the principal, it is my charge and promise to assure you I mean what I say. I believe in the teachers and staff of JCPS! I have high expectations for them and hold them accountable for educating your child. I expect them to work hard and go over and beyond to do what is best for your child! I promise to work with each and every one of you to ensure your child is getting the best education possible. We will provide the rigor and engagement you want for your child. Please know you can contact me by email and phone. I will schedule a time to meet with you. I absolutely love what I do each and every day! It is my privilege to be your child's principal. I take pride in this responsibility and will strive each and every day to hold myself, my teachers, and staff accountable for the best education of our students. I know this is possible with the support of our parents. I look forward to the best school year yet!   

Pam Edge- Principal of JCPS